Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy 10 10 10 and Welcome

Welcome to my writing blog, well my NaNoWriMo writing blog.  I decided to put all of my stuff here this year instead of everywhere else making my loved ones eyes glaze over with that time of year, you know, boredom.

Happy 10-10-2010 by the way.  It works out to a 5 and Las Vegas is a 5 city. Since I live in Las Vegas I'm happy to be in the right place at the right time, with a closet full of toilet paper in case it's the end of the world.
No wait that was Y2K.

The weather now is cool and beautiful, those days that make you want to leave the windows open or sleep on the porch in a hammock with the breeze surrounding you like good music. Ah, some Robert Plant music.

I've been working on notes for my 2010 NaNo novel for about a year and a half when at the last minute for 2009 it got shelved for California Crazy, who knew that was going to happen. So I'm trying it again. Got all the same books from the library, studying Virginia City and the history of the Comstock Lode, the ladies of D Street and the whole early west. I got out my notes and started back story and bios on my main character then she grabbed the pencil and took over. So soon?

As of Monday she changed her name, all this time it was Dahlia Kent, now it's Darla. A small change. She informed me she is from San Diego North County not a small town in Nebraska, apparently I can't write about places I haven't lived myself.

She started as an orphan raised by Church ladies who called themselves Aunties of a small, you know town in Nebraska. Now she has lived all her life with a wonderful ex drug addict hippie Uncle, who I'm thinking looks like Gregg Brown, who knows who she's decided he's going to look like. He had a heart attack making mac and cheese lunch in the tiny kitchen of their old travel trailer, leaving her an orphan. But wait this morning I am informed there is a Grandma who lives next door.

Geese, there's much to be said of hands hovering above the keyboard at 11:59 October 31 waiting for midnight and just give it up to the muse.

Well, who knew this would be so darned fun. If you've got nothing on your plate 'til Thanksgiving turkey come on along and join all the rest of the 100,000 NaNo Nuts, no kidding that many and more, and write a novel (a mere 50,000 words) in the month of November! You'll still have December to shop for your holidays. Create worlds, kill your old bosses and mother-in-laws, throw people from trains, suck some blood with the rest of the vampires, learn to fly, cast some spells, solve some crimes, or like me just do some Wishin'.

National Novel Writing Month

Come on check it out!

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