Monday, November 1, 2010

So it begins- WooHoo!

The NaNo site is very slow. I tried to get on to log in my first exciting words, 1253 as of right this minute, then I lost the signal.  Oh well later I'll have more.  Four pages into the story and it has me crying already, and laughing and admiring the main character, Darla June Bug, and her Daddy who hasn't said anything yet, I believe he gets the next chapter.

I took today off, having some coffee and that darned Cheese Its and candy corn combo.  I started at 12:08 this morning after yahooin' and dancing around, which got the dogs riled and I had to get them settled down again. Then I sat down and she talked and I wrote. When you take a break and reread, later I won't do that so often, it is like you've channeled someone as they tell their life to you.

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